NOAA Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

Regional Activities

Marine planning is a bottom-up, science-based tool that regions can use to address specific ocean management challenges and advance their goals for economic development and conservation. Marine planning will support regional actions and decision-making and address regionally determined priorities that are based on the needs, interests, and capacity of a given region. Marine planning encourages states, tribes, localities, and federal agencies to collaborate to address issues that regions identify as important, reflect their unique interests and ways of doing business, and build on and complement existing programs, partnerships, and initiatives. This site provides links to some of the existing and ongoing efforts in the nine planning regions but does not represent all that is going on related to marine planning or ocean and coastal management activities. More regional ocean planning activities can be found on Ocean.Data.Gov.


Regional Ocean Partnership: Caribbean Regional Ocean Partnership (CROP):

  • Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands signed a memorandum of understanding on May 28 to legally establish a regional ocean partnership. The Caribbean Regional Ocean Partnership agreement was signed in July 2012.


South Atlantic

Regional Ocean Partnership: Governors' South Atlantic Alliance (SAA)


Gulf of Mexico

Regional Ocean Partnership: Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA)

Pacific Islands

Regional Ocean Partnership: Pacific Regional Ocean Partnership (PROP)

Pacific Islands Regional Planning Body

Hawaii Ocean Resources Management Plan